What SecondLife Means to Me

Xiola Linden wrote a blogpost on community.secondlife.com called What Secondlife Means to Me to celebrate SecondLife’s upcoming birthday. Making Machinima is always fun, I think, and what better reason to get those creative juices flowing than SL12B.

What SecondLife means to me is a way to express my dreams. I heard about SecondLife from an American music podcaster almost 9 years ago. She invited me into this world where I could experiment with Djing without the daunting task of starting up a podcast. I had some great times DJing.

As the years passed my focus changed and I discovered a new dream. I love to create and decorate landscapes. So I got my own SIM and I use it to test all sorts of landscapes. I love to change it, and over time my SIM Binemist has been so many wonderful places.

SecondLife also  means a social aspect. Meeting people from all over the world is one of the greatest things about Secondlife. That is also why I keep Binemist open to all who wants to come and explore it. I love to see people on Binemist, I love to see them explore and enjoy what I have created.

To me Secondlife has  and will always be a playground. A place to play with your dreams, and a place to share your dreams with people from all over the world.

The videos in Xiola’s blogpost are wonderful, and more videos keep coming in on the thread over on community.secondlife.com. It’s so much fun to see and hear what Secondlife means to it’s residents.

Biné’s YouTube

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