Time is up…

Vimmershavn opened to the public in July last year, but now it’s time for something different. Which is why Vimmershavn will be closing it’s doors on May 1st.

I have enjoyed designing and maintaining Vimmershavn very much. It was fun to build a whole city and also fun to ad new stuff to it as I found it. But the other day I went to get some off-sim islands for the ground at Landscapes Unlimited, and the Sahara Landscape grabbed my creativity – I want to do another desert – my first desert was on Binemist.

I am in no rush though, so you still have time to go and visit Vimmershavn (SLurl) again – or for the first time if you haven’t been already. There are some very good photo ops, if you have that interest.

Vimmershavn has had a good amount of visitors in the 9 months it has been open, and some have taken some very good snapshots there and they have shared them in the Vimmershavn Flickr Group

I would like to thank everyone who came, and I hope you will return when the desert is up and running.


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