Time flies…

Especially when you are having fun. Summer has past and autumn as well. Soon it’s winter, and I wonder if I should reflect that on Binemust. I’m not sure yet. So far I’m having so much fun fiddling about – at the moment under the surface.

I do, however, think that I should document what has happened so far. There are some really nice spots on Binemust This morning I was showing off the SIM to my very dear and long-time friend Gora, and it made me realize that more people should see it. If nothing else then in snapshots and machinima. So here goes. We start under water at the landing point.

Landing – from where you can TP to the sky

From the landing point you can explore several ways. You can take the TP in the hole in the ground to a sky-platform, or you can take the door to skybox. In this post we shall not do that. We are following the Flamingos and walking the short distance to the camping ground.

And So the Adventure Begins
And So the Adventure Begins

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