The Trace Too – Kylie is Back

I listened to gossip: The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon. I thought Kylie had passed away, but she came back. She had been very ill as she writes on my.secondlife, but now she is back, and I am so happy about that.

Hanging with Gora on The TraceToo
Hanging with Gora on The TraceToo

But this makes me wonder about our online legacy and how we inform ourselves on our online friends. I haven’t heard from my SL partner for a couple of months – not in world or outside, and I wonder and worry. He lives on the other side of the world so I can’t just pop round to check on him. I have met some of his RL family members in world, but would they think to let me know if anything happened to Michaell? I’m not so sure.

And what when I leave here? My husband has instructions to cancel everything (just like Kylie’s eldest had), but he won’t log in and tell all my friends, so how will they know? There are no easy answers. But I promise myself in future I won’t add fuel to the fire when gossip flares.

Michaell is fine – I just got an email from him. Lots of stuff happening with his family at the moment, so things are a bit up in the air. But he is fine.

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