The Beach House

The Beach House was the first building I decorated on Binemust.The house is created by L2 Studio and It is really lovely- It has changed a little over the years, but not much. The bathroom is much the same as it has been with the centre bath tub by Soy. – one of my favourite designers.

Great bathroom
Great bathroom

The bedroom and the stairs look much the same as when I first decorated it with a bed and shades from Soy., and knick knacks from ionic, [we’re closed], ~BAZAR~, Scarlet CreativeBALACLAVA and Dust Bunny.

Th kitchen has changed a little over the years, but not since I discovered the kitchen from DRD. That kitchen is just so perfect. It looks good, the propositions are quite good, the animations are useful. It’s just a good kitchen. The flowers and table and chairs are also from DRD. Then make good stuff.

The living room has changed a few times. Latest it has lots of potted plants. I do love potted plants in both worlds.

But what I love the most about the Beach House is the big windows and looking out over the sea. Sitting by the table at sun rise is amazing.

By the window

The reason for this post is not to promote the Beach House, not at all because I have decided to take it down. Time for a new crazy looking island where the Beach House stands today.

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