Snow Scape on Binemist

Horses, Snow & Bine

The snow scape in the sky is finished. I love snow – in SecondLife. It’s so pretty and in-world it’s hassle free. I love that.

When you land on the platform, you are right next to a barn where horses are taking shelter. When you move forward, you will find somewhere to sit and enjoy the view to the right and a little cabin to your left. I just finished decorating the cabin today.

Cozy Cabin
Decoration Details:
POST: Hammars Stuga (winter v1)
Kalopsia – Wolf Trophy Head
.:Standby Inc. – Globe Bar (Classic)
erratic / coc – taxidermy raven from TAG! Gacha
:CP: Quinn Chair Mousse (Adult) – FaMESHed November 2013
[Con.] USA Crate Shelving
Sway’s [Victor] Firewood Storage Bench – Fifty Linden Friday
[ARIA] Torino potted Orchid
Lark – Antique Map Chandelier – Xiasumi School Festival
LISP – Professor Jazzmonkey’s Sunbeam Catcher
Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug – Dark – The September Arcade
junk. repurposed wagon light – the Neighbourhood
junk. bartlet daybed. leather. adult
[Con.] Jack’s Bugout Shelter – Weapon shelf – Uber [apocalypse]
Con. & floorplan. Medical Skeleton – Bone – Uber [Macabre]

Taken at Binemist, Mystical Falls (111, 105, 2201)

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