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This has been the design of for a very long time.  It was getting a little bit tired – the background image is several years old, and the design doesn’t convert to the mobile platform at all. I have thought about a change for a while, and at the at the end of last week, I stumbled upon this site: Decorating and other stuff and I thought: Now that is the Theme I want. Unfortunately that theme has been retired by wordpress, but I found one that is fairly similar.

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The theme is called adventure and is made by Eric Schwarz and I like it very much. I will find a better snapshot for the background – also one that is not so big – I can see it takes a while to load, and that is not good. Here are some of the points I really like about this theme:

  • It converts very well to the mobile platform
  • I can display bigger snapshots – with the old theme my snapshots would be 500 pixels wide, now they can be 800!
  • I can change the background from my wordpress dashboard which is handy
  • I can edit the stylesheet and personalize the theme to my liking

Eric Schwarz has made an adventure+ theme that makes it easier for users to change things in the theme without having to look into editing stylesheets which can be daunting if you don’t know codes and that stuff.

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