How Well Social Media Works

This is just a little story about how I discovered and fell in love with music via Social Media. I listen to Anji Bee’s Music Podcast every week, and in her Chillcast 298 she introduced me to Active Child. There was a free download in her podcast of their song Hanging On:

Active Child – Hanging On.

A couple of days later Anji shared a YouTube link on twitter of Active Child performing four tunes in a studio, and when I saw that I was sold

I bought the album You Are All I See on eMusic and started following Active Child on twitter.

Mid January they announced coming to Copenhagen on their tour, and I rushed to buy ticket. My husband is going too even though he doesn’t really know Active Child, but what he has heard, he likes.

So my conclusion is that social media works!

Biné’s YouTube


  1. 4. February 2012

    ooh lucky you! he lives in la and i haven’t seen him yet. really hoping to see him when he returns from this big tour. would be incredible to hear his voice and harp playing live. wow. have fun!!!

  2. Bine
    4. February 2012

    Thanks Anji – we are looking forward to going. I post my experience for sure :-))

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