Fantasy Faire 2022 : My Summery

It was not a great faire for me. I just didn’t have enough time. After Sylvuselah my time ran out, and I rushed through Brocéliande, Effervescent Clefs, Iridescent Keys, The Clouded Mountains, Necturn Moon, The Hunros Mine, Aarkenfen and Opet like my hair was on fire.

I was really wanted to do the Quest as well, and at the Sylvuselah Jail and Bail of Patch Linden, I saw a light of hope to get more time, to visit more shops, to explore more and to do the Quest, as Patch Linden offered to extend the Faire with another 2 weeks.

Jail and Bail of Patch Linden

But it was not to be, as you can read here: An Apology. On top of everything else I became ill with the flu. Yesterday I could log in again, and was sent to a Welcome HUB – I don’t like those…

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