Fantasy Faire 2020 : Mistakes Were Made!

Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory.
Region by Mayah Parx.

Do you dare? Be aware, its all a little strange… A place once you visit you may never leave the same.

A collective of inventions, for fairytalers alike, think creakless slippers, think glasswards, think bouncing levitating firelight lamps, reverse it wands… I mean what could possible go wrong? Why, we even have a can of spray on unicorn horn, perfectly safe I’m told…

Every fairytalers dream, a place of nonsense it would seem, the magical, the mythical, the strange, the perfect place to peddle your wares but only if you do so dare… REMEMBER err…


authors note: Glasswards are glasses that when worn whilst walking allow you to see behind you instead of where you are going…

Perfectly safe I am told.

Another brilliant place by Epic Toy Factory with lots of toys and lots of chocolate, cake, candy, and Christmas. This is my kinda place

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