Fantasy Faire 2020 : Lamented Fens

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Lamented Fens by LRRiven.

A place that borders on the edge of madness. Here the seductive wail of the siren’s song lures the unwary into the cool grasp of the treacherous fens. Where the ground is thick with fog and dark moss-covered trees loom overhead menacingly. You see movement in the shadows from the corner of your eye. As you turn to validate what you saw, it vanishes, leaving behind doubt. Was it only the fog? Or perhaps the sway of the moss in the soft breeze? The moss gets thicker and the fog swirls hypnotically the longer one lingers here. Ghosts of your past, future, and everything intertwined haunt you. Is this real? Had the path truly been so dark? What would happen if you reached the light? Listen to the whispers in the shadows, to the buzz of the dragonflies, and unravel your destined path. Choices -will- be made. But do you keep to the safe path; or wander off into the halls of insanity? Welcome to the Lamented Fens, a swampland inhabited by mysterious piscine creatures. A story must be told; will it be you who survives to tell it?

A truly dark place where you end up not trusting your instincts. Also a place where things change when you look under the surface.

  • Lamented Fens

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