Fantasy Faire 2020 : Cassiopeia

Sponsored by ~*Sweet Revolutions*~.
Cassiopeia by Sweetgwendoline Bailey & Mondi Beaumont.

We live in a world in which time has become something precious. Hectic and haste determine our everyday life and people have forgotten
to spend time with beautiful things.

“Cassiopeia – Beyond the Time” is a world in which time is non-representational, in which there is no hectic pace nor haste, and no deadline pressure. A world without complete decay, without illness and death. It’s a land of joy and loving memory and remembrance, a place to pause, where life decelerates and where completely new dimensions arise.

Explore this world, where surreal finds its place and where you meet different beings. Feel invited by “Cassiopeia” and follow her into a land of mystery – to find yourself again.

I love this region. It’s arty and wonderful with all the dandelions, clocks and animals. This is the imagination I live for. Not just fun, but also beautiful

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