Fantasy Faire 2019 : Genesia

Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation | Designed by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis

The main build on the water surface of the sim is an island with the Tree of Life spewing out waves of animals. The creatures give light and colour to the black night sky as they travel across the archipelago of islands. Below this living landscape, deep down in the sea, is a modern city darkened by the depths and absolute abandonment of life. The streams of city lights are not powered by stations, but reflective surfaces catching the light from above.

Arts & Performance Region. Haveit Neox is one of my favourite virtual artists, and his work with Lilia Artis at the Faire never disappoints. Throughout the Faire I will keep coming back to this SIM and explore more of it. It is fun and thought provoking and reflective and inspiring.

Biné’s YouTube

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