Fantasy Faire 2017 Day 8 – Chaddul Ro


The fire of the Outpost
The fire of the Outpost

Chaddul Ro
Designed by Searlait Nitschke | Sponsored by The Roawenwood

An outpost of the Orcs of Chal Khizzur, Chaddul Ro stands on the edge of their territory. In the center of the outpost there is a beacon, rising above upon a tower guarded day and night by the orcs. It stands for strength; it stands against anyone who would douse it, a symbol to be seen to guide those from outside the protective barriers and walls back home. For the survivors that seek refuge from battle. It is believed that as long as the fires of the outposts are kept lit that there is always hope, sanctuary to be found and that the tribe remains strong.

The Roawenwood
The Orc Outpost

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