Fantasy Faire 2017 Day 1 – Opal Flight


Above water
Above Water

Opal Flight
Art & Performance SIM | Designed by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis
Opal Flight, the arts and entertainment sim,  features the art galleries and the stage for the stunning dance and particle performances.

This is a truly magical and fantastic place. Haveit Neox never disappoints, and just like last year this is a SIM where there is a beautiful above water world when you arrive, and when you descend down under the surface, you find a whole different world. In 2017 Haveit Neox has designed the SIM with Lilia Artis – a collaboration that isn’t new, but I think it’s the first time her name is on the gate to the SIM, but I’m not sure.

The Purple Pool
The Purple Pool

Underneath the surface there is official Art Gallery and what seems to be an arena – I’m guessing it will be used for the performances. There is also what appears to be a story of some fish that collects fish eggs in a cave and wheel them in wagons to another cave or something – I’m not sure. But I love it.

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