Fantasy Faire 2015 – Day 5 Faireland’s Junction

When I started exploring this year’s fantasy faire, I started at the Faireland’s Junction. But I didn’t take pictures because I was accessing SL from my old laptop in the summer house where the ISP is good but not brilliant. It’s a very good old laptop – I have installed a SSDisc and Win 8.1 on it, and it really performs well. But the Faireland’s Junction was very laggy and I just couldn’t do it justice.

So when I entered Faireland’s Junction from Odyssey with my desktop with GeForce GTX 590 and my 72 Mbps down/ 32 Mbps up connection, I grabbed the opportunity to snap some shots – also because Cari Quixote – the big avatar – was hanging out.

Taken at Fairelands Junction Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Fairelands Junction (114, 136, 8)

Biné’s YouTube

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