Fantasy Faire 2015 – Day 1 Wildehaven Marsh

Fantasy Faire 2015 has opened. This is one of my favourite SL events of the year. 13 SIMs each designed and decorated with an amazing theme and by fantastic Secondlife designers.

It always takes me a while to see everything as I go through every thing very meticulously. I start out browsing through all the shops – I like to see all the wonderful and crazy things designers have for sale. It is amazing what you can get.

So the first day I found my way out of the Fairelands Junction (I shall return there another day), and headed East to Vallacia browsing all the shops.

At Wilderhaven I was struck by the beauty, and I took some pictures.

The last SIM I got to do on Day 1, was YoZakura. Another beautiful SIM but with a Japanese theme of sorts. There was a very nice cherry blossom centre, and I thought I would do a little SL Sakura as I earlier in the week published a RL Sakura from Copenhagen.

SL Sakura
CPH RL Sakura

Biné’s YouTube

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