Avatar in a Box Challenge

Avatars in a Box

I was looking at Flickr pictures, minding my own business, when a snapshot from Strawberry Singh caught my eye. I then read her blogpost and I was intrigued. Never heard of Vanessa Blaylock before, but I shall be following her blog hence forth. Vanessa pledge that all her challenges in 2015 will be inspired by an artist – living or dead. That will be interesting to follow.

Her Avatar in a Box Challenge inspired by Hugh Kretschmer‘s 2006 art/fashion piece Special Delivery where he lovingly assembles outfits and body parts in a box. That really appealed to me, so I got my friend Gora to help me, so to me this is AvatarS in a Box.

Biné’s YouTube


  1. Bine Rodenberger
    28. December 2014

    Thank you. I used William Weaver’s Build 04, turned it on one side and found this amazing shadow coming out of it. It was a pleasant surprised, and I’m glad you like it. :o))

  2. 30. December 2014

    Yes..its the shadows that make it interesting. Well done.

  3. Bine Rodenberger
    24. January 2015

    Thank you and I totally agree

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