Binemist was my first SIM in Secondlife. Over the years it has taken many forms – I give it versions, as they really are so different from each other. Binemist has been a Nordic Island, a water SIM, an under-water SIM, and last by not least it took a bone dry form. I used to have a platform in the sky that would change more often then the ground-level, but I have given up on that for the time being, as I like to use all the prims on the design at ground level.

I blog about Binemist from time to time on Rodenbergsk View, and I try to present it visually in the snapshots I take. Binemist was open to all who wants to go and visit it, and I love to see others’ take on my design. So I collect online snapshots of Binemist on Pinterest. I cannot present all what I found, so please go and look at the amazing images my friends in SL take on Binemist.

Binemist 4.0 – the Last form

Winter 2016 I got the urge to change Binemist again. I felt a change was needed. I wasn’t tired of the water SIM, and I would have loved to have kept the Binemist 3.0 design and taken on another SIM to be creative on, but I can’t really afford it. I know a lot of people loved the design of Binemist 3.0, but I hoped to impress with a waterless design, and I think I did.

Binemist 1.0 – going back to the beginning

I got Binemist in May 2013. My first full SIM! I was excited and started terraforming right-away. A mountainous region with Nordic beaches, forests, a Swedish Church on the mountain, and a light house in a bay.

Binemist 2.0

With the new year 2014 came the new Binemist. A water SIM. I had seen SIMs covered with water, and I was very inspired to do something creative, beautiful and fun. The central cliff with the church on top was still there and so was the light house. In a corner I installed Buddha with some cliffs.

Binemist 3.0

In July 2014 Binemist took another form. I wanted to keep the water SIM but I was interested to see what I could do under water, so I did some more terraforming still leaving Buddha on his own little island. 2 beach houses was also left above water and so was a new mesh island where Bjarne, the Rottweiler, lives and roams. The light house was still there too.

Platform in the Sky

This is where I played with form and new stuff, and this is where I changed the seasons. It’s a confined space, and it was easier to have little experiments there. Others seem to love the changes too.

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