Binemist 4.0

Caitlin has visited Binemist again, and she has written a very nice blogpost. Thank you Cait!

Originally posted on Cait’s World:

Binemist is one of those sims I have featured often on my blog, simply because the landscaping and themes changes ever so often – making it a delight to return and explore.

The lovely and talented Biné Rodenberger now has changed Binemist 4.0 into a deserted, dry land. While I always loved the water sims for the use of windlight and reflections, this new dry desert is absolutely gorgeous and a great example of ‘less is more’.

Binemist by CaitIf you are a regular visitor of Binemist, you will still find some familiar artifacts around – like the Vikingship, the statue of Buddha and artworks…

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