Waterline Fort Under Water

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Waterline Fort

Soy. made this amazing building for 6º Republic – the Amsterdam theme for November 2016 round. I love this building as has this wonderful concrete texturing and it looks worn and out of date. I installed it on the seabed on Binemust and I took some time decorating each room in an alternative manner.

Photo of first room
The door opens to a fully lit room where someone dropped a ton of paper and umbrella lights dangle above
Photo from Flickr
To the right you find a sea of candles that surround a fun ride
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Written in the Sky – a room for relaxing
Flickr Photo
A tall room with a marine feel
Flickr Photo of the big room
In the big room it’s raining and the art is on display
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It’s also raining in the next room where raindrop lights make an ambient atmosphere
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As it is getting closer to Christmas the next room is where we hide the Christmas Tree
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As in any great museums I thought this little display area should have a café
Flickr Photo
Last room in this version of the Waterline Fort sent all wild with flowers


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