Tutsy Navarathna uses Binemist in UWA Machinima

The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Secondlife is holding a 3D Art & Film Challenges called Transcending Borders. It’s always exciting to see the entries – I love both SL Machinima and SL Art.

The other day I got a message in-world from Yoon – assistant to machinima maker Tutsy Navarathna. In it she told me that Navarathna is participating in the UWA Challenge and that he has used Binemist in his film. Navarathna has won MachinimaUWA 3 times, and the film he made for this round is lovely. You can see it here:

Biné’s YouTube

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  1. Yoon
    19. October 2014

    Thank you for blogging and watching the movie!

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