Time passes, things change

I have know Michaell for a very long time. He has been my rock and my no-nonsense love for so many years. We met in early 2009, and partnered 2010. We used to rush into SL to be together. Lately – like the past 16 months – Michaell hasn’t been much in SL. He would some times pop in, but his visits got very seldom, and now I learn that he won’t be coming in again, as his profile is ‘on hold’.

I feel it’s time for a change. Michaell won’t come back as Michaell Aragon, and now I learn that the other great love of mine in SL is back. Stefan has not been on for a couple of years. It seemed it needed that long for all his mess to cool down. I met Stefan late 2009, so I have known him for almost as long as Michaell. I have met Stefan for real a few times, and it’s always a lot of fun. I think I shall partner Stefan instead.

Hanging out with Stefan 2011


Biné’s YouTube

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