The Same Moon

Spanki Moulliez wrote a nice post about looking up to the moon and thinking about someone else also looking up at the same moon somewhere far away. I can relate to that as I have often done that. I have a special relationship with the moon being a Moonchild, and I have always loved looking at the moon. Spanki has illustrated his lovely post with images taken at Binemust in all it’s winter glory

  Red Lotus Flower

Back in the day, when I missed the someone I loved, I used to comfort myself by thinking about however far apart we were, we both looked up at the same moon. Two souls staring up, thinking the same thoughts, connected in that way. It made the distance disappear almost, and the earth felt very small.

Now I’m not in love, except with glittering memories. What was, lies frozen and still, like the snow covered lands I love to visit so much. Now I look up and the snow falls down, and the grey clouds are a veil across the sky.

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  1. 24. December 2017

    Thank you for sharing my post, and for your nice words :)

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