The Last Trace – Kylie Jaxxon

Yesterday I saw this twit from @Wurfi

And I thought: “Say whaaaaat? What happened to Kylie?” And it only took a look at my Flickr stream and a visit to her lovely SIM The Trace Too, to realize that Kylie didn’t make it. She has been ill for a while, and she was away from SL for close to 6 months to take care of her health, but she came back, and she build another wonderful version of her dream The Trace. But now she is gone.

The Trace Too I
Gone Swimming

Kylie was a great inspiration to me, and a wonderful and generous friend. Her passing leaves a void. I shall miss her and her wonderful creativity. Her passing also got me thinking about our online legacy. How we deal with it, and if no one in our RL knows about our SL, how it can leave our online friends and family hanging… Not knowing what has happened. Luckily Kylie had friends that crossed over. Friends that could help us all to understand why Kylie didn’t come back and why her SIM will suddenly disappear off the grid.

Kylie’s friends are trying to get enough Lindens together to keep The Trace Too on the grid for the last of the summer, so you can still visit her SIM SLurl to The Trace Too. Please do and please consider donating to keep it online for a little while longer.

The Trace Too V
The Trace Too

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