SL Music video of Lovespirals track Empty Universe

I was so happy to stubble across this music video. One of my favourite bands Lovespirals subjected to SL music video machinema. I love Lovespirals and I love SL. This is a perfect combo for me :-))

The video was directed by Hiroaki Nirvana. I love it. It was filmed at one of my favourite SIMs in SL namely the Japan Dream Kenjin – a place I have explored with Gora more than once as it is so big, and have so many details. Having tried to build a little myself in SL, I am always well impressed with SIMs like this – it must have taken forever to put together.

The Depth of Field and the Shadows of this video looks awesome. I have yet to experience that in SL, but I should be able to soon as I have just bought a new PC with a GTX 590 video card inside. It has not arrived yet, but I am very excited about it. Hopefully it will be delivered on Monday. Maybe I will venture into machinema making….

Biné’s YouTube

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