Romeo & Juliet at the Basilique Playhouse

My favourite play of all times Romeo & Juliet that I have seen in many interpretations over the years is being performed in Secondlife this autumn. Last night Bine went to the theatre in world.

We went to see the Romeo and Juliet, performed by The Basilique Performing Arts Company, in the Playhouse on the Basilique sim. Different from what I have seen before, but very good indeed. The play is divided into scenes where modern music plays, the actors dance as they say their lines, and everything is just beautiful.

Unfortunately I had to leave after only three scenes. My partner Michaell Aragon was also in a play – the Rocky Horror Show – and I had promised to come and see him. Luckily The Basilique Performing Arts Company will do a few more shows this autumn so I hope I get a chance to see the whole thing another night.

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