People amaze me

We updated the settings on Binemust to comply with the covenant on the SIM. While the SIM has been on Destination Guide, it has been open to all, but now that it’s not, we reverted to access only to people with payment information on file.

There is a reason for that – of course. I’m not online much yet I still was harassed on my own SIM by stupid people. Here’s one incidence I would like to tell you about. Normally when I do private stuff, I close off the SIM (even that can gets people in a twist), but at this incidence I didn’t, as we were only using the skybox on the SIM which is very tiny.

A person entered the skybox, and I asked her to leave, but she wouldn’t because, as she told me, Binemust is a public place!


It isn’t!

It’s my home!

Anyway I kicked her off the SIM, but she came back and started yelling at me. So I blocked her and she told me how rude I was??? Seriously? I was rude?

Anyways… This was one reason why we changed the settings on the SIm – we thought it would keep out people that are less serious about SL.

We thought it only fair to reject and refund people with no payment information on file from the SIM group, as we thought it bad that they should be members of a group – and even have paid to be a member of that group – that they couldn’t use.

What a mistake that was. We got nothing but grief from these people: “Why have you rejected me?” “How rude of you, I just joined!” “I will tell everyone I know not to go to your SIM!”

It simply amazes me that people get so rude and feel so strongly about something so silly as being rejected from a group that they cannot use any more. Fair enough that you ask why, but when getting the reason, start throwing insults in our direction is just incredible. To be fair there are good people out there. People that asked about the rejection and took the explanation on face value. But why others would kick up a storm is beyond me. Do they think, I would let them back in after the kicked and screamed at me?

It’s all so very weird to me. Can someone please explain it to me?

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