Our Beach Is No More

In Autumn 2010 Michaell and I got a beach together (I wrote about it here). It was primarily my beach, but Michaell used it too and contributed as well. Then one day our neighbours introduced a huge rock right in our view of the ocean. That was very uncool. I know you can derender, but with Firestorm I had to derender every time I logged in and in Kirsten I couldn’t derender at all. The Estate Management didn’t really want to deal with it, so we decide we were leaving.

Something’s blocking the view

So late December I got a Space Navigator to help make my filming more fun. I used it the first time when I filmed our beach. I see now that I used it way too much. But I cannot redo the filming of our beach, as that is long gone. But we still have it here:

The music in the video is 7 Day Visa : Que Quiero (ft. Anji Bee). Buy it on iTunes.

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