New skybox

After we left the beach, Michaell moved with me to my other SIM. The SIM where my sister/alt had a church. Her partner left SL so she is not much online any more, so I have taken ownership of the parcel. The church still stands and the theme of the place is still very Nordic. I love that, but there is not much room for changing things. Instead I got a nice skybox where my PRIME bed fits perfect.

New skybox

The skybox is free gift from Sweet Harmony and it really fits. I put a big pine tree inside because I like it and some cypress trees outside the window. A fireplace, a doughnut to sit in and a nice bed. What more can you ask for?

The partner of my sister left a platform on the parcel when she left. I love that platform too. I like to go there and just hang out and think about stuff. The look and feel of the platform is completely different from the rest of the parcel. It has a very warm feel to it with the big bonfire and the old ruins and stuff. I love that part of the SIM too.


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