Bungenäs on Binemust

Virtual Bungenäs in Second Life

I found the inspiration to the new design on the Swedish peninsula on the island of Gotland Bungenäs.

THE SPACES showcase the peninsula very well, and it tells a little of the history behind Bungenäs.

How architecture is flourishing on the wild Swedish peninsula of Bungenäs

Contemporary homes and converted bunkers pepper the landscape

A remote peninsula on the Swedish island of Gotland has become an unlikely tourist destination.

Bungenäs – a barren but beautiful strip of land on its north-eastern tip – had been off limits to the public for over 50 years. Now scores of visitors journey to the area, tipped off by social media and word of mouth.

These pilgrims are drawn by the new restaurants, cultural venues, and startling contemporary architecture that pepper the peninsula’s Game of Thrones-like scenery.

Bungenas 1

Building no. 8 was once a military bunker – now a private home

Bungenäs’ reincarnation began in 2007, when entrepreneur Joachim Kuylenstierna acquired the 160-hectare site from the Swedish army. It had used the area for a military training base since 1963, leaving behind a trail of abandoned bunkers and crumbling buildings. Prior to that, Bungenäs had been exploited as a limestone quarry between 1910 and 1960………

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I haven’t done a complete virtual recreation of Bungenäs in Secondlife, as this is more like my interpretation of the place.

I think it looks amazing IRL, and I would love to go some time to visit, but I also think my Binemust looks rather amazing and I can go there any time I want.

What I did

Arild Vågen took RL photo

First off I was fascinated by the kilns and the limestone barn of Bungenäs, and that is the centre piece of my design.

I wanted to build a Nordic beach and forest around that. I managed to find the kilns and I refurbished a house that Scarlet Creative made for the barn. Behind the birch trees is a small hotel, where you can spend the night

Next to the kilns and the barn is a beach where you are tempted to go swimming, but the water will be way too cold. Instead you can enjoy the sun on one of the old military beds, that has been put out on the beach front.

Emma Sundh took RL photo

Another thing that fascinates me about Bungenäs, are the way old bunkers have been integrated and used when building the houses there.

Johanna Bergbom took RL photo

So I nested a bunker next to a very modern building – another refurbishment of a Scarlet Creative house. There is access to the bunker from the terrace and as in the RL bunker I have put in a fire place and table and chairs.

When you arrive at Binemust / Bungenäs, you are welcome to borrow a bicycle to transport youseff around the area.

A few deviations

As far as I have been able to gather, there are no camp sites on Bungenäs, but I felt like I needed one on Binemust. It’s a space for free spirits where food and play are priority.

The Camp Site

On Bungenäs there are sheep wondering around everywhere. There are sheep on Binemust as well, but I also created a field for my Teegle horses. They are so beautiful, I felt like they needed a space to stretch their legs.

Horse Field

Behind the Horse Field I’ve placed a very modern house. I don’t think it is out of place – most of the new buildings on Bungenäs are super modern, but there are no water falls on Bungenäs. The whole stream/river thing is also not present on Bungenäs.

But generally I have matched the nature on Bungenäs pretty well – the beach, the old quarry, the rugged coastline and the open space.

The Beach
Bunker On the Beach
The Old Quarry
The Rugged Coastline

Please come and visit any time – we would love to have you.

SLurl – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Binemust

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