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I thought I would take some stills from the machinima and write a little about them.


I saw the ship at Burn2 that I roamed with Gora April of last year. We had mega fun as usual when we hang out. One of the exhibits was this boat made by well-known SL artist Haveit Neox, and amazingly enough it was free to take a copy of. I really love it. I think it is so beautiful, and it fits so well on Bine’s Beach.

*APOLLO* Ethereal Floating Spire w/Starlight Trail

Above the ship I have placed *APOLLO* Ethereal Floating Spire with Starlight Trail. Apollo was a beautiful SIM made by Dane (dane.zander), and I spend so much time there when I started roaming SL. Sadly it is no more, but just as it was closing, there was a sale of items from the SIM and I got the Floating Spire Light.


On the Pier (a low prim pier from MMGraffiti’s (SLurl) who has a lot of nice low prim stuff), I have a sun chair from {what next} (SLurl) and an umbrella that rains. I got the umbrella at the Mysterious Wave –  a wonderful and surreal sim and shop by Mysterious Wave team where you can get artworks, clothing, skins, accessories, furniture, and gardening stuff (SLurl).


The Stuffed Siamese Herons that I place in the “living room” is also from Mysterious Wave. They do have some really weird and wonderful things there. Next to the herons is an old and very used sofa that you slide off if you sit yourself down in it and choose the wrong pose. It is made by さふ (surfash.bade) who has a furniture shop called *KOPI* (SLurl). The fire is from {what next} and it includes so nice poses for heating your hands and feet. The Fallen Star Lamp is from Professor LISP. There are two types and as I am more a light person, I got the one to harness sunbeams oppose to the one that catch stardust. LISP (Slurl) has so great stuff and I do have a lot more LISP stuff in my inventory.

The house on Bine’s beach is not really a house but an abandoned building that I got at the Crimarizon shop (SLurl). They have a fab factory as well but it was too big for the parcel, so I settled for the smaller abandoned building that is really cool too. I wrote about it here.


On the wall outside I have put a Star from POST (SLurl). It is currently the only thing I have out of my inventory from POST. I have many things in my inventory from POST including an old church. I am a great fan of Van Auster, the avatar behind POST. I adore all of his work. Just inside the house you can see the Origami Birds from Apple Fall. I can’t remember where I got them, but it was probably/maybe at Collabor88 (SLurl).

New Trails Tree

In the front garden is a huge tree from New Trail (SLurl). It has a knitted trunk, and you could buy them at the mainstore for a limited time to aid a charity. I can’t for the life of me remember which one, but I am sure it was a good cause. I also used the PREFABRICA (SLurl) ruins in the front garden. I love them as they are so versatile.

Blanket Fort

The front garden also has a wonderful Blanket Fort made by Cheeky Pea that has the funniest store in Secondlife – everything is showcased in cardboard boxes (SLurl). I adore that. I also have a big bonfire going that I got at The Heart Garden Centre (SLurl).


Inside the building I have placed different pieces of art. One is a red cube that my friend Collin Key made using a RL photo he shot in Hamburg with a young couple. It is a cute cube and you can place yourself inside it and that is very interesting.

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