Last party on Bine’s Beach

Beach Party

It was not really a party. Just me hanging out with my boys, but it turned out to be the last party as I have taken everything down today on the Beach.

So why did I leave? I felt I had to. First off I have a home with Michaell, a lovely home in fact, and I don’t really need a place to call my own. Secondly I thought I would use it a lot more to DJ at, but it never really came off, so in that sense it is a waste of money. Thirdly there was a rise on the rent that I wasn’t willing to pay. My landlord told me I didn’t have to, but all the others – my neighbours – had agreed to the rise, so I didn’t feel I could stay and not pay my way. I really felt I had two options. I could pay up or leave. So I decided to leave.

The only thing left on the beach were the oil barrels that I used to get rid of my stuff in. Yes yes I know… Not very environment friendly… But SL isn’t so why pretend. It is said that Linden Lab has more than 4000 servers running at all time. A number I saw here states that an avatar consumes 1,752 kWh per year. By comparison, the average human, on a worldwide basis, consumes 2,436 kWh per year. So just being in SL leaves massive carbon footprints on our planet.

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