Hunting – Moolto Sisters’ Hunt

Hunting with Jeannie
Hunting with Jeannie

I had a short holiday starting June 2nd – Ascension Day – and in the mornings I spend some time relaxing in SL. Fortunately Moolto started their Sisters’ Hunt on June 1st. It is always a lot of fun to be on a hunt, and the Sisters’ Hunt is even more fun. You go looking for a white box in shops all over SL, when you find it you touch it and get a gift and a clue for the next box. You also have wear special glasses which makes you look really silly, and I must admit that my avatar is so vain that she wears her glasses in her hand.

Apart from getting free stuff the great thing about hunting is that you get to see shops you may not would have found otherwise. There was one shop in particular, sYs Design, where I ended up spending a lot of money. But the best thing about hunting is that you meet a lot of nice and helpful avatars. We talk about the hints, we help each other look, and we have fun.

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