Feeling the Music

Feeling the music

Wednesdays I normally DJ in SL, but this week I couldn’t. I had technical issues. I had been by my PC all day doing some accounting, and I was tired and the PC was tired. The PC has started to show signs of wanting to be replaced so when I DJ I use my Mac to stream from so the music is not interrupted even if the PC crashes. But I had started the day with moving all the music from the Mac to the Time Capsule but importing the music back into iTunes over WiFi is not a quick manoeuvre, so my stream would not be ready in time. When I tried to log into SL on the PC, the sad thing crashed! And crashed hard! And then crashed again! So I gave up. All I could do was turn off the PC – give it some rest – and then watch as iTunes on the Mac slooooooooooooooowly imported my tunes. But next week I’ll be back, so we can all feel my music again!

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