Fantasy Faire 2022 : Sylvuselah

Sponsored by Novus Ascending
Designed by Ketsui Naidoo, Grimoire Hexem, and robynredhead

An illuminous world of whimsical waterfalls circling a forest valley, with the namesake tree at the heart of it all. A tribal trinity grounded from three founding magical entities call this place home, but a past plague war lingers in the shadows, threatening to return. Despite its prior adversary, Sylvuselah thrives and stands tall, warmly welcoming strangers to explore her boughs.

In the beginning, three magics came together to form a union of land, sea and sky. When love flourished between land and sea, the great Mother Tree was born, and her name is Sylvuselah.

As she grew, the trinity blessed her with companions; hooved creatures, colourful fish, gracious insects and the rare, elegant avians. Her favourite above all being her loremaster, Panibous, a great whale creature which floats contently in the air and enjoys a good conversation with anyone he can.

As her love grew, Sylvuselah created three fae children to unify the domains. Each taking one of land, sea and sky, they sired further races of fae and fauna to create a bustling, peaceful world of acceptance. Filled with prosperity, growth and happiness, the fae children returned to the mother tree to rest, starting a unique cycle of life akin to a magical reincarnation.

Yet harmony didn’t last, as a single cataclysmic event tore open the sky. This began a corruption which waged a war, destroying the balance of society and threatening to fell the very mother tree herself. Breaking the wheel of rebirth, it weighed heavily on Sylvuselah, until the vile villain mysteriously fell quiet, and the ranks of the corrupted races diminished.

The war concluded, some sense of normalcy remains amongst the citizens, yet the hushed air of anxiety still falls thick over the land. Some evidence of the corruption still remains, but the land recovers and Sylvuselah remains tall.

Come and be a guest to the namesake mother tree and her loremaster companion. Perhaps they shall indulge you in their unique and wondrous history, and share secrets known only to the very few.

Fascinating place. Lots and lots to look at and find. It was super busy when I went, as there was the jail bail of Patch Linden.

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