Fantasy Faire 2022 : Gaalthyr

Sponsored by Jeanette’s Joint & Scarlet Fey
Designed by Amethyst Ytelde and Scarlet Fey

The sea holds great powers: healing, sustenance, shelter (for many creatures!) and cleansing just to name a few. It hasn’t always been this way. In the earliest of ages the sea was strictly fraught with dangers: poison, drowning hazards, corrosion of the lands… and a merciless firmament as impregnable as the Fade for those Elves who desperately pushed westward to escape the devastation of their homes by the encroaching lava flows from the mountain of Darkfire.

Unable to find refuge from the devastation any longer the Elves labored to deconstruct their dwellings and create a vessel that they prayed would carry them across the sea to a land they could build anew. One hundred moon rises into their journey the pilgrims faced being overwhelmed by the treacherous sea and made a final plea to Mythal for mercy.

Hearing the testimony of the doomed tribe Mythal wept. Her tears were so relentless that they diluted the poisons of the sea and made the waters bracken, keeping contaminants at bay. The showers calmed the violence of the waves and infused life-giving air into the waters.

The pilgrims made landfall on the eastern bank of the continent they came to call home for millennia. Not fogetting the Mercy of Mythal, many courageous engineers returned again and again to the waters where their prayers had been answered. They painstakingly crafted a palatial city winding around a monument to Mythal in gratitude for her life-giving compassion.

They named it Gaalthyr and many came to live there far from any forest, mountain or canyon. The monument to Mythal became a place for the residents and visitors to give thanks to her for her gesture of empathy. The Elves would humble themselves at the base of the statue and offer their own tears back to Mythal, believing that the statue would send them upward into the Fade to replenish those that were shed for them in their moment of greatest need. It did not matter from what source were their sorrows. Those who visited the monument and wept with Mythal claimed to feel her embrace.

Dark and beautiful. Interesting how you walk up to a platform and then down again. The turning “sun” at the platform and the ships floating – amazing.

  • Gaalthyr Landing

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