Fantasy Faire 2020 : The Spirit of Kuruk

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Spirit Valley of Kuruk by Loki Eliot.

Once there was a brave bear who did a terrible thing. So bad was this thing that the gods were shocked and cursed him by turning his heart to ice and disfiguring him into a monstrous Yeti.

But the Yeti’s new form became so big and powerful that he started to eat all others in the valley. The Bear tribes called upon the gods who sent the spirits of the rock to aid them. Eventually the Yeti was defeated and turned into stone now known as the Chenoo Rock which stands in the centre of the valley.

Since then the bears have left their warrior past and become dedicated to worship the memory of the Rock spirits.

Loki Eliot always creates the most amazing regions for the Fantay Faire, And always with a role playing element. That part haven’t interested me so far, but I love his designs for their beauty and for the imagination. 

  • Spirit Valley of Kuruk

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