Fantasy Faire 2019 : The Shrine Tree

Sponsored by The Looking Glass | Designed by Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee

If you just know how to turn, you can get there from anywhere. It’s a little slump to your left while turning slightly to the right and letting one tear roll down your cheek. Whisper a name and suddenly you’re there – the place where shrines go when they turn to dust. Where they celebrate their lives all which started with the departure of another. The memories they kept alive have all faded away but the shrines remain. The forever reminder: “We lived – We loved – We were here!”

Beautiful and purple, I always love the region sponsored by TLG and 2019 is no disappointment. Far from it. The dragons from HEXtraordinary are all over the SIM, and they are so cute – I got one for when I redo Binemust In fact I can make a tribute to the Shrine Tree as I got a bunch of Shrine Tree stuff from TLG in my FF Chronicler Box.

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