Fantasy Faire 2016 Day 5 – Echtra

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Echtra (by Loki Eliot)
The land is stuck in time. There is no summer nor is there any winter. There is just a grey emptiness hanging over the once busy town of Echtra and the surrounding moorland. And what of the legends that tell of a great sleeping dragon under the hill the town is built. Will the secrets of this once thriving community be revealed and if they can be discovered exactly who will awake?

I found that I came into Electra from the wrong side. Electra has the Echtra experience – one of the things I really enjoy with Loki Eliot’s designs; there is always a story telling experience, you just have to attach it when you start and it will tell you a story, and I got it in the wrong order. But I fully enjoyed it just the same.

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