Change is coming

Bine in the Tree Tunnel

When I get back to my big computer, I plan to film Binemist in all her winter glory, and when that is all done, I have a big change planned. I would like to make a water sim with a few focal points. I want to keep the Church as one of the focal point, but for the rest, I am not sure. That is what is so exciting about owning a sim – all the things you can do with it.

As I wrote in October I found great inspiration on [Imagination], Guana Cay. It’s a beautiful sim, and I want to do something similar. The downside is of course that I have to close off the sim to visitors while I work, or I fear they will be chased away. But it will be all worth it, I’m sure.

[Imagination], Guana Cay

Biné’s YouTube

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