Binemist has re-opened

The Tuscan Villa
The Tuscan Villa

I have finished redecorating Binemist, and the SIM is now open to the public again. When you land there, you will land on a platform in the sky. The mountain range surrounds the platform and it’s safe to be there (you won’t fall off). Here you will find a Tuscan Villa and an vineyard, a nice pavilion where you can enjoy ice cream.

The farm
The farm

To the North of the landing spot, you will find a Nordic looking farm with washing hanging on a line and some farm animals in one of the houses. When you move over the hill to the right of the red shed, you will venture into the enchanted forest.

The Enchanted forest
The Enchanted forest

I used the new path and trees from HPMD. They have a very special look, and I think it looks really good. In the enchanted forest, you will find a little forest chapel (Skov Kapel from POST), and on the edge of the forest I’ve placed a rural garage.

If you want to wander to the ground and see the mysteries there, you have to find the potholes from the sky platform to the ground. Potholes that when you click them will teleport you to different scenes on the ground.

There is a pothole (look for a barrel of water) at the villa, and when you use it, you will come out at the bottom of the sea, and you will see nice art. Inside the farm house you will find another pothole, and when you use it, you will find yourself next to Buddha on a little sandy beach island.

Buddha on Binemist
One corner is still more or less the same

Third door/pothole to the ground is at the Forest Chapel. You can go through the door into the chapel, but you can also click the door and that will take you to the summer houses on sticks designed by Scarlet Creative.

Ocean feeling

These are at the centre of the SIM and from here you can take the swan boat or the raft and sail freely all over. You can use it to go and visit Bjarne on his mountain island.

Fire, Bine & Bjarne

You are very welcome to explore Binemist, or if you prefer just to hang out. You will find lots of places where you can hang out with your favourite person or just by yourself if you prefer.

Relaxing with Steffi

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