All loved up

Yesterday I had a relapse of the brain and asked Michaell, my sl bf of the last 13 months, if he would partner with me. He said yes, and we did it there and then. None of us are into all the SL wedding silliness (not to knock any of the people that are – it is just not us). To us it is more about the love that we share and making that a statement for all to see – if they bother to look.

Anyhow… I feel all loved up now… All fuzzy and warm inside… Can’t stop smiling… It’s all good

Biné’s YouTube

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  1. […] long time. He has been my rock and my no-nonsense love for so many years. We met in early 2009, and partnered 2010. We used to rush into SL to be together. Lately – like the past 16 months – Michaell […]

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