Thursday Tours: Frisland, The Trace and Binemist

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Every now and then, well actually quite often but I try to be modest, I get questions as ‘what is a nice sim for pics‘, or ‘ Do you know where I can do such and such photoshoot‘.  The worst question is always: ‘what is your favourite place‘ , because  I have so many and it depends on mood, ambiance and all that. I love so, so many places!

It made me think a bit, and I am going to introduce a new series on my blog: Thursday Tours. Featuring 3 lovely locations in one post, one pic per place and often they are place I already blogged about – so real recommendations from me to you!

For this first ‘Thursday Tours’  I revisited Frisland, The Trace and Binemist.

Frisland, the home of Anna Barzane, Charlie Namiboo and Frislanda Ferraris, is already in full…

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