Simploring 2017 (100) Binemust Snow

Diomita visited Binemust again – and she wrote about it. I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ impression of Binemust, and Diomita also added some very nice images.

  Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog

For my 100th simploring tour 2017 I looked up the SLdestiantionguide and selected BinemustSnow: “This beautiful two-island winter wonderland is filled with surprises in all corners and under the surface. Explore Binemust now to see it covered in the loveliest of snow.

December 15th: winterly Binemust overview with ground desitinations

The name Binemust did ring a bell and yes, I visited Binemust before in August 2018 (read here). There have been some changes. It was really worth revisiting!

Impressions of winterly Binemust

The landmark of the destination guide BindemustSnow leads you directly to the winterly island of Binemust. The island is really photogenic. I roamed around, explored and discovered. First I didn’t recognize that I was here before but when I entered the church I did remember and recognized it as not much changed here.

Binemust: Residential home (upper left) / beach house…

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