Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

It’s a beautiful day – and once again Strawberry Singh has inspired me to blog one of her Memes.

Flat Ebbe in the Rain

Most of us are excited about the new Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg and the fact that he seems so genuinely interested in the users of our world SecondLife. Strawberry Singh has made a flat Ebbe Linden (Ebbe Altberg’s handle in SecondLife), and made him available on Secondlife Marketplace. In her Meme instructions Berry asks bloggers can show Ebbe our favourite place in SecondLife and to share three things with him.

I took Ebbe to see my SIM Binemist, and we got caught in the rain. Where I come from there is no such thing as bad weather – just wear the appropriate outfit. I thing Ebbe was getting cold and wet, but Bine had a blast in her new poncho and old wellies.

I want to tell Ebbe that I think it’s really good that he interacts so much with the users. I’m looking forward to the full emersion with the oculus rifts and I’m really excited that Linden Lab is working so hard on that full emersion viewer. I would like to see more about SecondLife in the media, so people don’t say: “SeconLife? Is that still around?” when I tell them about my hobby.

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 05 Red
Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 6. Dark Blonde
Coat: NYU – Poncho-Cape Trench Coat, Red (FLF)
Wellies: UBU Dots Rain Boots
Pose: . Infiniti . – Beautiful Day 1

Biné’s YouTube

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