Fantasy Faire 2017 Blogger

I applied for and was accepted as a Fantasy Faire Blogger. That is great, as Fantasy Faire is one of my favourite event in SecondLife. Normally I don’t live my SecondLife as fantasy – well I do as I build my SIM as I see it in my fantasy, but in the sense of fantasy creatures – avatar is very human, and not even different gender than what I am for real. But for the 10 days of Fantasy Faire, I enjoy dressing up in, and playing something else.

I’ve put together a few examples. I can’t wait to back on the Faireland and play. And I’ll tell you all about it.

Fantasy Faire YoZakura

With wings on YoZakura 2015

Like a troll on Echtra 2016

Lucentia 2016

Explorer on Lucentia 2016

Otherworld 2016

Not sure what I was here on Otherworld 2016

Sapphire Mirror Lake 2016

Mermaid at Sapphire Mirror Lake 2016

Sanctum 2014

Spider woman with Gora on Sanctum 2014

The Fantasy Faire 2017 runs from April 20th to 30th, 2017. The official blog is

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