Falu red Farm Shed on Binemist – now with stuff inside


Falu red Farm Shed

Today I got around to decorating the inside of the Farm Shed. I had been wondering what to do with it, and then I came across some new stuff from Apple Fall that had the right colouring for the shed. It’s now a kind Scandinavian living room with books, both no comfy chairs as that doesn’t belong in a shed!

Inside the shed

Inside the shed


POST: Gnesen Farm Shed (Falu red)
Apple Fall Rustic Storage Bench from Collabor88
AF Fairfax Sideboard & AF Heart (Home Sweet Home) from The Chapter four
floorplan. open heart book and the philosophy of time travel
{vespertine – book of scientist.}
!Ohmai: Dandelion Fairy Terrarium from the Arcade
ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl from the Arcade
[Con.] Travellers Desk – Jubilees Travels from the Arcade
[AF] Origami Birds that doesn’t seem to be available for buying any more
Apple Fall Birch Bar, Apple Fall Menu Shelving & Apple Fall Ceramic Bowls from the Season Story
[Con.] & :CP: Dragonfly Garden Bric-a-Brac from FaMESHed February 2014
{what next} Book Clock

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