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15. September 2020 / Binemust
13. September 2020 / Binemust
7. April 2020 / Binemust

Abrahamstrup was not as popular as I would have hoped. It was fun to build and I got to play with the caves and tunnels as I have wanted to do for some time.

15. March 2020 / Abrahamstrup
26. December 2019 / Binemust
13. September 2019 / Abrahamstrup
8. September 2019 / Abrahamstrup

Abrahamstrup is done – that is; it is done so far as it is now open to everyone (with payment info on record). And Gora was the first one to visit.

22. July 2019 / Abrahamstrup
12. May 2019 / Abrahamstrup

It’s a new beginning. Binemust closes – Abrahamstrup is about to take form.

30. March 2019 / Binemust

Close to 3 years ago, I bought a SIM. and I called it Binemust. It has stayed more or less the same with small alterations over the years, and I’m getting bored with it. It’s time for something new.