Author: Bine Rodenberger

I came to SecondLife 3/3/2007. I have tried a lot of the different things SL has to offer. Now my main focus is on my SIM Binemust and the maintenance of that

18. February 2018 / Binemust
16. February 2018 / Binemust

We updated the settings on Binemust to comply with the covenant on the SIM. While the SIM has been on Destination Guide, it has been open to all, but now that it’s not, we reverted to access only to people with payment information on file.

27. January 2018 / Decorating
25. December 2017 / Machinima

I went all in for Christmas this year – at least in a virtual sense (not much Christmas in my RL (which is by choice))

24. December 2017 / Reblogging
10. December 2017 / Reblogging
6. December 2017 / Binemust
12. November 2017 / Binemust
10. November 2017 / Decorating